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Path of Wholeness

                             ~ bringing all parts of self home ~



Astrea Sri Ana – Mikaella Yiasoumi – Annie Busby – Alla Michailidou
Tuesday 11- Friday 14 February 2020 Ubud, BALI

Friday 12 – Monday June 15 2020 Limassol CYPRUS

4 days – 4 facilitator healers
~Working on levels of emotional, mental, feminine, masculine, divine child, genetic/ancestral/DNA, physical,multidimensional, spiritual, mastery, success, confidence, fulfillment, soul gifts ~

  • 1 day of channeled interdimensional activations with Astrea
  • 1 day of timeline akashic journeys with Mikaella to discover and dissolve your core unresolved blockages
  • 2 days of physical and energetic healing with Annie to allow the deep release of all ancient experiences, held energetically and in the physical body
  • Sound journeys with Alla throughout each day in deep relaxation to allow and to complete the deep release

Day 1

Alla opens our day with a sound journey using her crystal bowls and sound instruments so that you may deeply relax and surrender into all that is possible in this 4 day intensive.

Astrea journeys with you for a day of channeled activations which address the blockages held in the emotional, mental, feminine, masculine, divine child, ancestral generational, soul extensions of past lives, rainbow bridge multidimensional chakras and light body, and soul gifts ~  journeying to many realms and dimensions to locate and to release and to dissolve the ancient traumas and blockages held in your bodies of light and DNA as akashic records and memories – dissolving the blockages to peace, health, wholeness, harmony, abundance, joy, fulfillment, soul gifts, success.

Day 2 

With Alla playing the crystal bowls and sound instruments to allow you to relax and to go deeply within, Mikaella takes each on individual akashic timeline journeys ~ to uncover – and name – and to dissolve – the original core akashic record and experience that has held you bound, blocked and obstructed since that time through all intervening lifetimes to the current time – dissolving that which you have held since ancient times that has blocked your forward movement and obstructed you so strongly and held you back, reliving continuously the ancient traumas and patterns that confuse and interrupt your forward path of peace and health, harmony, confidence, success, fulfillment and abundance.

Astrea sings the language of light and repatterns your geometries and assists to release the stagnant energies as Mikaella journeys with you. 

Day 3 and Day 4

Physical healings with Annie to complete the restoration and release – through the physical and the energetic bodies – allowing recalibration and alignment – assisting in the release of any stagnant energy and any energy not aligned to your highest soul purpose.

Alla supports the release throughout, playing her crystal bowls and diamond light instruments – allowing you to sink deeply into total relaxation, so that the release process may be effected gracefully, effortlessly.  Alla also offers a range of 70 divine aromas of oil blends which you may select from, to support

Astrea sings the language of light and repatterns the geometries of your light body – as Annie uses reiki, energetic healing and hands on touch – while Mikaella scans the body – to locate blockages.  Working together in this way, such great release and acceleration occurs.

Working on many levels – powerful release occurs.  The blocks and traumas and recurring behaviours and patterns that hold you from wholeness, empowerment, clarity, peace, success, harmony, confidence, love, health, fulfillment, soul gifts – are dissolved on 4 levels, with so much support, so much love.  In the vacuum that occurs, as so much is dissolved and releases – you are interconnected and filled with light encodements of highest frequency and empowerment that stream into your being and transform.

This is the Path of Wholeness.  You are able to now move forward, unblocked, unobstructed –  whole –  and filled with light – along the timeline of your highest reality

4 days Tuesday 11 – Friday 14 February 9.00 am – 5pm

Limited number of spaces.

Enquiries and information: Mikaella

We can help you with your accommodation